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Window Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

If dirty windows are distorting your view of the outside world, we can help. Our window cleaning methods go beyond cleaning glass. We clean the entire window (frame, screens, and glass). Interior windows will be cleaned using a soap solution and squeegee.

Your exterior windows will receive the all-star treatment with the latest technology in our spot-free water systems. Our hydro-carts use an advanced filtration system that turns tap water into spot-free water. The purified water is fed to a scrub brush that allows us to clean the entire window and finish with a spot-free rinse. This removes all debris from the window, resulting in a longer

lasting clean.

Commercial Cleaning

  • Routine cleaning.
  • Store front windows.
  • Office buildings.
  • Able to clean up to 5 story windows from the ground-- no lift or ladders needed.

Hard Water Stains

Glass restoration is the term used to describe hard water stain removal from glass. Hard water stains are the result of calcium and other mineral deposits from irrigation systems, ocean spray, and run-offs. Our knowledge and products can safely remove most hard water stains. Do Not replace those ugly windows without trying our service. We may be able to restore those hazy windows to a clear view-- saving you money and frustration.